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Benson and Moorhead play brothers, former members of a “crazy UFO death cult”, who receive a mysterious video cassette in the mail. The tape contains an eerie calling card from their past, inviting them to attend an event called the Ascension. Despite their apprehension, the pair agree to return for one day. At first their old friends in the cult seem warm and welcoming, but things soon turn strange as the brothers find themselves drawn into a vortex of bizarre rituals, strange messages, unseen forces and sinister supernatural secrets that threaten to tear apart the very fabric of reality.

Den nye sci-fi-film, The Endless, er tilsyneladende et sleeper hit! :thumb:

Den får i øjeblikket 97% på RottenTomatoes baseret 59 anmeldelser. Et Metacritic score på 81 og anmelderne raver.


The Endless feels like a thunderstorm. It brews slowly, softly, and then in the blink of an eye, has consumed you, booming with fury and jaw-dropping force.

The Endless goes places both eerily unexpected and emotionally affecting, the all-encompassing monstrous beauty of this spellbinding sci-fi thriller impossible to understate.

The atmosphere of both the backwoods nature and eerie friendliness of the community are inviting; audiences want to stick around by this cult, and that is at once the highest compliment one can give the film and a terrifying feeling

The Endless isn't just terrific - it's poised to be that breakout genre hit that It Follows and The Babadook were in past years.

Arrow er allerede klar med en Limited Edition den 2. juli, der består af The Endless, samt Moorhead og Bensons første film, Resolution.



- High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentations of The Endless and Moorhead & Benson’s first feature, Resolution
- DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio
- Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
- Reversible sleeve with a choice of artwork designs
- Limited edition collector’s booklet containing new writing on the films by critics Jamie Graham and Alexandra Heller-Nicholas


- Audio commentary by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead
- Brand-new interview with Benson and Moorhead, recorded exclusively for this release
- Behind-the-scenes featurette
- Breaking the News; Benson and Moorhead pull a practical joke on actor Vinny Curran
- Casting Aaron; Benson, Moorhead and producer Dave Lawson audition for the role of Aaron
- Casting Smiling Dave; Lawson auditions for the role of Smiling Dave
- VFX Breakdown
- UFO Cult Comedy; improvised short film made whilst Benson and Moorhead were on the festival circuit
- Vinny’s Story; a behind-the-scenes documentary filmed on-set by Curran
- Michael Felker; a tongue-in-cheek featurette referencing The Endless’s editor
- Seven deleted scenes
- Outtakes
- Theatrical Trailer


- Audio Commentary with Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, and actors Peter Cilella and Vinny Curran
- Audio Commentary with Benson and Moorhead
- Audio Commentary with Carmel the Dog
- Brand-new interview with Benson and Moorhead, recorded exclusively for this release
- Archive interview with Benson and Moorhead
- Behind the scenes featurette
- Weird extras: How Resolution Will Help You Have Sex, Shane the Missing Character, Topless Scene, Extended Scene: Lawyer Call and Alternative Ending
- Outtakes and unseen footage
- Film festival promos

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