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Indlæg: ons sep 27, 2017 19:25 

Tilmeldt: tirs jan 30, 2001 2:01
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Sci-fi-film med Natalie Portman? Count me in! Annihilation bliver instrueret af Alex Garland (Ex Machina) og kommer i biograferne den 23. februar 2018.

Det er en virkelig fed trailer de har banket sammen. :thumb:

The futuristic gothic horror adaptation, based on the first part of novelist Jeff VanderMeer’s “Southern Reach” trilogy, stars Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, and Oscar Isaac. Annihilation will arrive in theaters on February 23, 2018.

Area X has been cut off from the rest of the continent for decades. Nature has reclaimed the last vestiges of human civilization. The first expedition returned with reports of a pristine, Edenic landscape; all the members of the second expedition committed suicide; the third expedition died in a hail of gunfire as its members turned on one another; the members of the eleventh expedition returned as shadows of their former selves, and within months of their return, all had died of aggressive cancer.

This is the twelfth expedition.

Their group is made up of four women: an anthropologist; a surveyor; a psychologist, the de facto leader; and our narrator, a biologist. Their mission is to map the terrain and collect specimens; to record all their observations, scientific and otherwise, of their surroundings and of one another; and, above all, to avoid being contaminated by Area X itself.

They arrive expecting the unexpected, and Area X delivers—they discover a massive topographic anomaly and life forms that surpass understanding—but it’s the surprises that came across the border with them, and the secrets the expedition members are keeping from one another, that change everything.

Indlæg: ons sep 27, 2017 20:34 

Tilmeldt: tirs apr 15, 2008 22:37
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Uha.., den ser fed ud :shock:

This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full, and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within.

Indlæg: tors sep 28, 2017 13:46 

Tilmeldt: man aug 04, 2003 12:54
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Jeg er på 1000 pct! Elskede EX Machina og Dredd. Garland er en dygtig instruktør og manuskript skribent.

En del af "De Gnavne Filmnørder" http://dgfn.dk

Hands off the compression button, music industry!
Hands off the DNR button, Blu-Ray producers!
Films are supposed to have grain!


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