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Lidt mere nyt vedr. GKIDS' Studio Ghibli-udgivelser.

Fra GKIDS' Facebookside:


First thanks to everyone for your kind words and enthusiasm!! It's surreal to have gone from owning a VHS tape as a kid to putting our logo on the same film decades later. Literally a dream come true.

I wanted to provide some quick answers to frequent questions:

- we may have gotten carried away with "ALL FILMS". The actual press release is more specific... we will now have all films in our collection except Grave of the Fireflies (always excluded due to the fact it is not represented by Ghibli in USA), and The Wind Rises, which is still new. And we are not going to re-release our current Ghibli titles (Poppy, Ocean Waves, Only Yesterday, Kaguya, Marnie). I'm proud of them, think we did a great job, and there's nothing I'd change yet.

- there will be three subtitle streams on every film: English for Japanese audio (translation), English SDH (aka "dubtitles"), and French

- if it's on the Japanese Bluray (from Ghibli), we probably have it. If it's not, sorry, I wouldn't expect to see it at this time. Old dubs, old tweaks etc. Ghibli is extremely particular about their masters and what is "studio approved." While I share some fondness/nostalgia for previous versions of things, Ghibli is particular about the dub you hear and the presentation you receive. In a good way. These editions will be "studio approved." We are carefully reviewing transfers, updating subtitles (where appropriate) and going nuts on the QC process. And pushing some buttons on requests every now and then. If you already own these releases, I don't expect a double dip... yet. We are going to try to earn it :)

- We are starting to release the catalog titles in October and will release a few new ones each month with a goal to get them all on shelves by end of Q1 2018.

- Yes this includes Yamadas on Bluray. I am really looking forward to spreading the joy of that film across the land.

- Artwork is going to be similar to previous US editions on some releases, different on others. It will be revealed this week for the October titles. Every Bluray will have a translated booklet, DVD and BD combo will have O-cards (slipcovers).

- You should all get your Kiki's Delivery Service tickets this weekend!!! English dub on Sunday / subtitles on Monday. We are going to do a great job, but the best place to see these films is still in a theater. Find a theater near you at FathomEvents.com.


Indlæg: man aug 07, 2017 14:44 

Tilmeldt: ons jul 01, 2009 9:41
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DeathPosture skrev:
Mislabel har flere Ghibi-titler på vej på dansk... Og har også købt de danske rettigheder til Your Name. :thumb:

DeathPosture, hvilke film drejer det sig helt konkret om?... Kunne de sige noget om det?

Indlæg: tors aug 10, 2017 20:40 

Tilmeldt: tirs jan 30, 2001 2:01
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Princess Mononoke kommer på Blu-ray i Danmark inden jul.

Indlæg: man aug 14, 2017 11:57 

Tilmeldt: lør apr 12, 2003 1:01
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Marianne blev ved: "Kan vi ikke snart se noget anime? Jeg gider ikke mere Star Trek med ham der Yoda." Vi tænkte: så lad dog barnet.

Så derfor har vi set en film fra Studio Ghibli denne gang, nemlig "Min nabo Totoro", komplet med hyper-energiske børn og stillestående passager.

Vi får snakket om vores forhold til anime, hvad Marianne synes så godt om ved den genre, hvad Mariannes favorit-film i genren er og ikke mindst: hvem ved mest om Miyazaki? Morten eller Marianne?

Kristoffer holder gejsten oppe ved at synge anime-sange, mens vi andre er seriøse og prøver at finde ud af om det hedder en busmis eller en kattebus.

God fornøjelse.

How does it feel to have a wacko for a son?

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